Le Petit Béret is a revolution in the wine world – finding an aromatic and sensory balance paying homage to the grape varieties of our region without alcohol 0.0%and without fermentation.


We developed a unique natural formula, an innovative technical process that reveals the best of grapes and nature, without alcohol or de-alcoholizaition stages, without fermentation, preservative and without sulphites to keep only the essentials: the pleasure of the vineyards of the south of France.

We carefully choose the best grapes when destemming. Then comes the vatting, the punching down and pumping over – stages where the selected grapes are put in the tanks, then pressed to obtain the first juice.

This natural process, exclusive to Petit Beret aims to reduce the sugar content in order to offer you the healthiest product possible.

The juice is drained by gravity (drop whine) into another tank and the marc is collected in order to be pressed. Throughout this process, we follow the grape juices to guarantee you a product without any alcoholic fermentation.

This is when the best aromatic profiles are created. The different juices and other flavours are combined to offer you unique aromas. These assemblies were all created by Dominique Laporte, the best sommelier in France.

The juices are filtered (tangential filtration) and racked in a natural way (no sulphiet used) in order to remove solid residues. 

We naturally eliminate residues of pesticides and heavy metals.

Again, we rack and filter the juices to ensure that no solid residue from the grape persist. No protein bonding is used which guarantees our 100% Vegan friendly products.

Finally th eproducts are bottled, then dressed, ready to be tested!